Monday, December 1, 2008

Finish Line!

8 days of student teaching left.

I really do not think I can wrap my head around that. My entire college career has been focused toward the aim of *dun dun dun*:


Now that it is drawing to an end, my ever-thinking-about-what-to-do-next brain is grasping in vain for something to latch onto. I have a basic framework of what I want to do in the next few years and also what NYS tells me to do in regards to my certification. These things are cold, hard facts:

1. Get Masters degree in Music something. Education, musicology, etc.
2. Get 3 years teaching experience in a public school with at least one year of a mentoring experience.

Now, I have no idea how I am going to get there but I think those are good things to start with. All that to say, thank you NYS for giving me some guidance as to what I should do with my life.


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

la vie en...gris?

things are a little crazy right now and i hate to say it, but a little mundane. i KNOW i should be more worried about things like lesson planning, juries, assignments, etc but right now it just all feels a little...gray. it started snowing a few days ago and has been flurry-ing (sp?) on and off since. usually, this time of year i am running around outside catching snowflakes by the mouthful but the only interaction between the snow and i has been, "AGH GET OUT OF MY WAY, I CAN'T SEE THE ROAD."

i love fall. i love winter. is there someone out there to love them with me? holidays are wonderful time to feel ... lonely. completely surrounded by family, but no one to kiss under the mistletoe. *sigh* argh, why couldn't i have been a realist? No no, I am a hopeFUL romantic.


enough blubbering, i need a shower.


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

sorry blogworld, i forgot about you for a while

update from the front: student teaching is going well, my master teacher (or host teacher as she likes to be called, "everyone is still learning,") is WONDERFUL. really! She is so flexible and she wants me to succeed and I really enjoy having her there to cheer me on and also to pick me apart so that I can hone in on what needs done.

In other news, the car had to get fixed for the ba-zillionth time... this time it was a little more serious. The exhaust system actually fell apart in my mechanic's hands. $$$

On the personal front, things are good. I am tired and going a little crazy but other than that, things are normal. I had a bonfire the other night and it was probably the most fun I've had in a while. The neighbors called the cops on us but we had doused the fire and gotten inside by they time they showed up to check on our "two bonfires and at least 15 people." 

ONE bonfire, and at the most with everyone here, we only had 14. so there! :)

i've started a flickr...we'll see how I do about actually posting pictures. I should be getting my Paris/London pictures back soon so they'll be up in a bit. 

that's all for now, i'm going to sleep. 
yep. it's 10pm and i going to bed. 
ah the life of a teacher.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

new semester

i honestly cannot believe that i start student teaching on tuesday. it is beyond my comprehension. really. sometimes i think, oh yeah, i'm gonna be getting up at 5:30am on tuesday. and then the other part of me says, "WHAAAAAAAAAAAAT?!" 

i will manage the early hours. i am not too worried about the teaching but i think my biggest battle will be classroom control. but if we start off on the right foot...i think it will really be to my advantage.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

backyard post #1

no mr. bumble bee, i am not a flower. however, i am flattered by your attentions.

my backyard is really lovely. the sun is setting and it is turning into a cool night. i've been swimming everyday since saturday and i really love it. i feel like i might get addicted to it. i almost want to go back again tonight but i got all gussied up and i am of a mind to go out...

however, i need to trim my bangs first. ah the life of the girly girl. 
when i'm not sweating my butt of in the water (who knew?).